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Amra~s ALH Modpack v1.61 для Civilization 4

Огромный модпак Amra's ALH Modpack v1.61 обновился несколько дней назад для патча 1.61. Огромное количество всего и вся, цивилизации с анимированными лидерами - вот, что вы там встретите.

amra modpack

- 24 new civs (Total of 42 civs now) (Aborigines, Austrians, Babylonians, Bretons, Byzantines, Canadians, Carthage, Celts, Cherokee, Dutch/Netherlands, Hyborians, Italians, Koreans, Magyar, Maya, Portuguese, Scots, Scythians, Sumerians, Sweden, Thai, Turkish, Vikings, Zulu (Special thanks to ALL civ creators and to the Civ Gold Team for allowing me to include a few Civs & LH's from their mod).
- 25 Reskinned leaderheads for new civs, many with different animations
- Over 70 new units including 2nd Unique Unit for ALL civs
- New resources, desert windmills & replantable forests
- Pedia entries for new civs, leaders and units (In English when translation not available)
- More city names for many civs (no more running out of names on Large maps)
- 5-man formations by anhu for non-mounted melee units (ie: Swordsman, not Cavalry)
- Actual Quotes v2.01 by Willowmound
- Additional Color Values by SimCutie
- Ancient Era Music by Sevo
- Clock mod by Homegrown (with Tubby Rower's turn counter addition)
- Enhanced Domestic Advisor Mod by Homegrown (tweaked by Rabbit, White)
- Enhanced Foreign Advisor by SupremeOverlord
- Great Person Mod v1.6 by Patricius
- PlotList Button Enhancement v2.03 by 12monkeys
- Promotion and Trait Mod v0.5 by Zuul
- Real UN Resolutions Names by Rufus T. Firefly
- Sevopedia v1.93 by Sevo (with upgrade chart by Vovan)
- Show attitude mod by Snaitf
- Tech Conquest Mod by Bhruic
- Tech Window Enhancement by Roamty
- Unit Allegiance Mod by Snaitf
- New flags by various contributors
- New skins for misc units

ЗАГРУЗИТЬ модпак (111 мб), только для версии 1.61.
Здесь для версии 1.52.
За дополнительной информацией обращайтесь по этому адресу.



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